Ohio Air Quality Development Authority

The mission of OAQDA is to improve air quality by supporting businesses, creating jobs and improving communities while enhancing the health and safety of all Ohioans.

Our vision: Position Ohio as a leader in harmonizing a strong economy and a healthy environment.

Over the years, OAQDA’s role grew from its original mission to assist large Ohio industries in controlling air pollution and complying with the Clean Air Act of 1970. Current programs reflect the additional responsibility delegated by the Ohio General Assembly over the years. OAQDA is an advocate for and provides financial assistance for small businesses that need help to comply with clean air regulations, which was initiated in 1993. In 2019, the agency was appointed by the General Assembly to administer the Solar Generation Fund that began in 2020. These programs enhance OAQDA’s core services to serve businesses and communities of all sizes to meet their environmental and economic goals through our bond financing of clean air improvements.

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